Director’s Message

Welcome to Chantilly Schools!

We are a Kindergarten and Primary school, and a community that appreciates the impact that a strong academic foundation and support structure can have on a child’s intellectual and emotional development.

Chantilly was founded on three core values; quality, value and integrity. As the school has grown over the years, we have maintained our core values in order to safeguard our identity.

At Chantilly, we strongly believe that our students (Chantillians) are all winners, and that it is our responsibility to mould them into champions. By providing our students with a platform to develop their interests and skills, we ensure that they realise their full potential.

Our motto ‘Kaizen’, translates from Japanese to ‘change for better’. We value and reward positive improvement in all areas as it a product of hard work and consistency. Kaizen is Chantilly’s road map to excellence; we demand continuous improvement from all our stakeholders.

We maintain a reasonable student teacher ratio to ensure that each Chantillian’s academic progress is monitored keenly, therefore allowing their teachers to personalise their learning needs. Our teachers undergo continuous training to encourage creativity and provide them with insights that can inspire our students to be more inquisitive in order to develop academic interests at an early age.

We offer a wide selection of extra-curricular programs to expose our students to a range of activities that will challenge them but with the necessary support that they need in order to excel.

A Chantillian is a confident and determined global citizen who has integrity, takes pride in the quality of his or her work and strives to be of value to society.

Chantilly Welcomes you.

Yours sincerely,

Jaine Kariuki